On a quiet Wednesday morning in May, Army Reserve Soldier Michael Cross is settling into his world cultures class at Santa Roja college near Los Angeles, when he hears an explosion in the distance. He rushes out to discover on television that riots have broken out across the county. When the Army recalls them to active duty, Michael and fellow reservists Angel Tunudo and Saul Tink believe their job will be to put down the uprising and restore peace to the city. But when heading to their base, what they find sends them reeling in shock and struggling for survival: these rioters aren't looting or setting fires, they are ripping people apart. Armed with only what they can carry, the three set out to secure "The Tower," an apartment building where they hope to rescue and shelter the survivors scattered amongst the remains of the concrete jungle. Those who take refuge in "The Tower" find out that there is no real safe-haven, and every day brings a new threat. Who can survive in a world overrun by zombies? With movie-quality sound , and a full cast of characters, this electrifying modern audio drama will immerse you in the battle for survival to find out who can truly claim "We're Alive!"

No la encuentro para bajar en ningun lado... y eso q es del 2009.
Es audio puro...... WTF?!!?

Cierren el tema le pifie.