Estaba a punto de upgradear el tapa y buscando una version para mi fono android... y me encuentro con lo siguiente!!!!

(este pluguin es el que se instala del lado del servidor, para poder soportar tapa!!!)
Tapatalk support dropped due to privacy & security violations

Dear FreeVPS Directory & Discussion Community,

We're officially dropping support for Tapatalk for our forum FreeVPS Directory & Discussion due to recent privacy & security violations by Tapatalk.

The Tapatalk plugin comes with a function that is turned on by default without the consent of the server administrators and a proper option to disable it. This function reads data from the database (such as your e-mail address, name and whatever else is stored in the forum database) and sends this data to the Tapatalk server without our consent!

Tapatalk comments that this is necessary for their "Trending posts, threads and etc... e-mails" to send e-mails to users about trending content. The most shocking however is that it is nowhere stated and explained. They say it's a beta. So Tapatalk has access to the whole forum database without ever asking for consent. Moreover this feature can only be disabled in the plugin configuration file. Who is looking for a option in ACP of the forum will have bad luck and find absolutely nothing.

allow_trending from 1 to 0 = disable the function

This violations are not something we're going to forgive or accept. Therefore we've deactivated and fully uninstalled Tapatalk from our forum and server.

I've not been able to find something about this in English because so far only a German forum has uncovered this spying tool.


Thank you for your understanding. We're always here to defend you and your privacy.

Kindest Regards